Is Your Biggest Challenge Knowing What To Eat?


Is your biggest challenge knowing what to eat? Today, I am excited to share some awesome tips with you about what to eat to achieve a more optimal state of health. Please know that these

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Physical and emotional weight, part 1


It felt like it happened overnight. How could this skinny kid wake up one morning and have ‘expanded’ into the 190s. Of course it didn’t happen that quickly. And took a lot of practice and

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Salad recipe


I am a firm believer in healing foods and eating as many plants as possible. I hope you enjoy this salad recipe as much as I did. Recipe: Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, black olives, red

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Grocery List For A Healthier YOU


Hi Friend, Here is a grocery list to help guide you with your clean eating lifestyle. Please know that these are my recommendations and this list is to be used as a guide. Your goal

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2 lessons from my Dad


Grief manifests itself in different ways, and dealing with the loss of a loved one is obviously a complicated topic. In reflection, this is a post of hope and renewal, not just sadness. I knew

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Welcome to the new


Welcome to the new As many of you know,  Deb and I are Healthy Lifestyle coaches. You may also know that I recently left the corporate world, and we are so excited to be building

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