Hi Friend,

Thank you for being here today!  I would love to share my morning routine tips with you and see if you can take something away from these tips to improve your morning routine……….Firstly, I will confess that I didn’t always LOVE mornings. In fact, I dreaded mornings…..I generally woke up sleepy and grumpy and wished for more time to sleep. My mind would focus on my stressful to do list, and all the things I had to get done for my family, my job, and all of my other responsibilities. NOW, and after quite a bit of practice, my mindset and what I focus on first thing in the morning has shifted. NOW my morning focus and mindset is on self-care!

Now, the first thing I do after waking up and brushing my teeth, my face, etc……is I drink at least 24 oz of water, if not more. Hopefully if you are reading this, you are sleeping a minimum of 6-8 hrs a night, and since we aren’t drinking water while we are sleeping, our bodies are most likely slightly dehydrated when first get up.  Since our bodies are made up of  70-80% water, we absolutely MUST replenish first thing in the morning to feel and function at our BEST! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body will thank you!


The second thing I can offer as a tip for your morning routine is a few moments to yourself in prayer, meditation if that is your thing, journaling or just a few moments in a state of gratitude. Waking up and thinking and/or journaling about all of your blessings and what you have to be grateful for will set you up for a day that is more fulfilling, a day that will greet you with more abundance, a day that is likely to be handled better if stress or conflict arises. Remember, our mindset is EVERYTHING! And please trust me when I say, after years of practicing this habit, there are still some days that are work in progress for me……What I do find is that if I deviate, or if I am stingy with my time to reflect on my blessings and all that I am grateful for, the day or days feel more challenging.


Third, and before I even think about checking my phone, my emails, or social media……..I pick up a book or some kind of reading material and LEARN!  Even if I can only spend 5 minutes reading first thing in the morning, I have at least read something new, learned something that inspired me or something that helped me grow……..and how much better do I feel now to have been inspired or to have learned something new? SO much better!  By the way, if I was only able to commit to 5 minutes of reading in the morning, I will typically find myself yearning to get back to more reading later in the day!  Please make yourself a commitment to never stop reading, never stop learning….the world has so much knowledge to offer YOU!


Fourth, I spend at least 5 minutes stretching or moving my body! Yoga is my LOVE, so 5 minutes of some kind of yoga flow is my jam. Find something that will keep you moving for at least 5 minutes, even if you spend 5 minutes walking your dog. If you can offer more time, or actually get your full morning workout first thing upon waking, then you are way ahead of the game! Those endorphins (happy hormones) that are released during challenging exercise, will carry you through the day!


Next, I supplement! Nutrition and supplementation is EVERYTHING, especially first thing in the morning. Starting the day off with optimal nutrition, will set yourself up for a more successful and better balanced day in terms of making healthier choices.  When you supplement you are assured that you meet your body’s requirement for all the essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and antioxidants.  I personally drink a greens mix, another kind of drink loaded with adaptogens and I use a collagen product. Always consult with your physician or health care provider before adding exercise or making changes in your diet, especially if you have had health challenges in the past. If you need recommendations in this area, as a Health Coach I am happy to help guide you.


SO, there you have it……my very basic, and SUPER rewarding morning routine. It is then and only then that I feel more energetic, clear-headed, calm, and empowered to seize the day and all that it has in store for me. For some of you, who have a relatively long list of things to do before you actually start your day, whether it be at a job or to care for your family or any other responsibilities you may have, I realize that a morning routine like this one may involve setting the alarm clock a few minutes earlier. But trust me when I say that this routine will hasten your productive time later in the morning and hopefully throughout the rest of your day! For now, I will close by wishing you an AWESOME day, today and always!


I wish you much love and health always!




Deb Strauss