Hi Friend!

I love dining out! Don’t you? Don’t most people? I just love the feel of a new restaurant, the different aromas in the air, the variety of food options, the socialization, the friendly staff…..and we can’t forget that dining out means NO COOKING or DISHWASHING! How can you beat that? SO, the question of the day is, “How do you make healthy choices when dining out?”

Today, I would like to share my tips on dining out to make it a healthier experience for those of you who dine out more than just occasionally. Please note, that my intention is to help you make healthier choices if that is what you are seeking, especially if you dine out often. For those of you who dine out on the rare occasion, please ENJOY yourself and perhaps keep the healthy dining for your home cooked meals. Unless, you are so determined to eat healthy no matter what…..then please keep reading!

My first tip when dining out, or when making any food choices, is to think about what you can ADD to your meal to make it a healthier option. If you come from a place of abundance and think of all the menu options that YOU can enjoy and still eat healthy, you are likely to make better choices than if you come from a place of deprivation with a mindset that is fixated on all the foods that you can’t eat. SO, while looking at your menu, think about ADDING a side salad, or choose a salad as an entrée, or add a serving of veggies if not a double serving of veggies.  Perhaps you will consider ADDING a lean protein to your meal such as any lean cut of meat, wild caught fish, or even eggs.  If you avoid meat all together, consider adding quinoa, beans, lentils, avocado, chick peas (hummus) to a lovely green salad or plate full of grilled veggies.

Pick the grilled, baked, steamed or raw options when possible. If your portion is fairly large, consider splitting it with someone, or take part of it home. Left overs can make for a great meal the next day.  And, that’s no cooking for yet another meal. YES!!!

As far as what to drink,  plain water or water with lemon or lime is always a safe bet. Green tea or an herbal tea is another favorite. If you prefer your tea sweetened, see if raw honey is available. If you’re thinking about having a dessert, check out the fruit options and see if any speak to you……If dessert is a non-negotiable, and trust me, I get it…..order what you want and perhaps plan to share or just take a few bites! Lastly, if at all possible, choose local and organic ingredients.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and focus on all the healthy options that you are making, versus feeling guilty for the bite or two of dessert that you may have had. Positive thoughts make for a healthier mind which makes for a healthier body! And with that, I wish you a very healthy and happy dining out experience!


I wish you much love and health always!


Deb Strauss