Hi there friend!

Did you wake up feeling amazing this morning? Did you wake up excited for the day? Did you wake up with tons of energy ready to conquer all that came your way? Ok, are you ready to punch me yet? I know….I know…..I am probably only irritating you right now, but that is the point of my blog today. No, not to irritate you, but to focus on the critical practice of daily self care!

SO, if we are really being honest here, when was the last time you did something for YOURSELF? Yes, just for YOU? It has been way too long hasn’t it? And sadly, that is probably true for most of us….most of us don’t practice daily self care. We carry feelings of guilt around self care. We see self care as SELFISH! But, ask yourself, are you more likely to feel better, perform better, be a better friend, sibling, partner, spouse, friend, employee and all around human being if you do something that makes YOU feel AMAZING everyday? The answer to that is a billion times YES!!!!! And if you don’t believe me, I dare you to start a 30 day self care challenge.

Will you take a 30 day self care challenge with me? I challenge you to write down 30 things that you can do for YOU over the next 30 days. Maybe you’ll even consider posting on your social media about starting a 30 day self care challenge? This way you will have accountability from friends and family. If social media is not your thing, consider talking to your partner, best friend, sibling, parent or spouse about holding YOU accountable for 30 days. Your accountability partner may even want to join you!


Your self care for the day can be super simple, like just sitting quietly for a few minutes, taking deep full breaths and thinking of all that you have to be grateful for…..Here is a list of some of my favorite self care items: Self Care List


I hope you will join me in this self care challenge! And remember, there is NOTHING selfish about taking care of YOU! You will only show up bigger, better and happier if you practice daily self care. After all, we all deserve to be the best and happiest version of ourselves. I hope you take amazing care of yourself today and always.


I wish you much love and health always!




Deb Strauss