Hi Friend,

I hope you are well! Today, I have smiles and compliments on the brain. SO, I have to ask you about smiling first….. have you smiled today? I mean, have you intentionally smiled today? Have you noticed others around you smiling? I think it is incredible how a smile, whether if it’s a superficial smile or not, can immediately lift our mood. I once heard a yoga teacher speak about the power of a smile. He talked about how powerful a smile can be in elevating our own mood and the mood of others around us.  I remember thinking, “really, how could a smile be so powerful in elevating my mood or the mood of others around me?” I later challenged myself and put the intentional smile to the test, and sure enough, I realized that my yoga teacher, was right. A smile and ongoing smiles, even when forced, for me personally, made a difference in elevating my spirits. Since that day, I have tried to remember to intentionally smile, especially  when I am feeling grumpy. And generally, and in a very short time, I will notice my mood lifting simply because I have intentionally smiled repeatedly……

I think that compliments work in the same manner…..I received two very high compliments today. One compliment came from a friend, and one from a complete stranger. I immediately noticed feeling more energetic, more confident, more fulfilled and more ready to brighten someone else’s day. Today, I set my intention and recommitted myself to be more intentional with my smiles, whether my smiles are forced or not. And, with that I have also committed to taking more notice of others around me, and to offer compliments on a more regular basis. There is so much power to both a smile and a compliment, and sometimes for some of us, setting an intention to offer more love through a smile and/or a compliment can make all the difference for those around us. Today, I challenge you to smile more, to laugh more and to offer someone or more than just one person a genuine heartfelt compliment. I am committing to making this a daily practice from here forward.  Will you join me in smiling more, in complimenting more, in elevating those around us more?


With that, I wish you a beautiful day with much love and health always,




Deb Strauss