Run Dave, Run


Happy beautiful Saturday everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, and are able to spend some quality time surrounded by family and friends. I have to admit I’ve had a bit of

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Some healthy snack options


1. Homemade nut mix Combine ALL RAW- walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans pepitas, sunflower seeds, carob chips and dried chopped Plum Amazins. 2. Tamari-seasoned rice crackers are a salt lover's vehicle for tuna salad. We like

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Another beautiful Saturday morning, and today I have been thinking about movement. Being grateful for the gift and ability to exercise and move our bodies. Appreciating the times when our bodies need rest, and a




I wanted to share a post I wrote for Best Ever You, I would recommend following @besteveryou and Elizabeth Guarino and the amazing work she is doing! On this beautiful Saturday morning, this seems


The Science Behind Collagen Supplements


The Science Behind Collagen Supplements Collagen has become a popular ingredient appearing in everything from collagen gummies to your morning coffee. It’s been touted for benefits including more youthful skin and healthy joints, but does

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Thinking About Trying CBD? Here’s What You Should Know…


You might have noticed cannabidiol (CBD) products popping up everywhere, from your social media feed to the neighborhood convenience store. If you are thinking about trying CBD, here’s what you should know. Phytocannabinoids are a

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Is Your Biggest Challenge Knowing What To Eat?


Is your biggest challenge knowing what to eat? Today, I am excited to share some awesome tips with you about what to eat to achieve a more optimal state of health. Please know that these

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Physical and emotional weight, part 1


It felt like it happened overnight. How could this skinny kid wake up one morning and have ‘expanded’ into the 190s. Of course it didn’t happen that quickly. And took a lot of practice and

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Salad recipe


I am a firm believer in healing foods and eating as many plants as possible. I hope you enjoy this salad recipe as much as I did. Recipe: Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, black olives, red

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Grocery List For A Healthier YOU


Hi Friend, Here is a grocery list to help guide you with your clean eating lifestyle. Please know that these are my recommendations and this list is to be used as a guide. Your goal

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